All About Sexy Beast Dog Collars - Who We Are

About Us

“Our goal at Sexy Beast Dog Collars is to create quality, beautiful, yet functional gear for dogs and their people. Every Sexy Beast original collar is custom-made by hand, by us, with the utmost care given to materials, construction and design…accept no imitation!”

Hi Everyone,

I’d like to tell you a few things about the Sexy Beast Dog Collar Company. To learn more about how we make our collars, visit this "About Our Collars" page. 


Our small-but-mighty crew consists of myself, my amazing husband, some amazing staff, and our Ridgebacks-in-Residence and collar models extraordinaire, Ronan Phineas, Fergus Quinn and Cormac Hugh. If someone had told me in April of 2011, when I created a Facebook page for SBDC, that my little hobby would become an actual business I would never have believed a word.

SBDC was born as a coping mechanism after losing both of our Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Henry James and Tank, to cancer in the 2009/2010 calendar year. My first foray into a public venue was making collars to help support the National Canine Cancer Foundation – our “Let’s Collar Cancer Campaign.”

Making dog collars was supposed to be a temporary gig. Turns out making dog collars is WICKEDLY addictive. So we grew, and grew, and then we became an official LLC. Since then, we have shipped collars to more than 20 different countries on 3 different continents and we’ve made some great friends along the way. It’s been a wild and fun ride.

Turn around time for collars is about 4-6 weeks but some items may take a bit longer, depending on our workload.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or ideas – we love chatting with our customers!

Thanks for visiting my site and sharing in my passion for beautiful and quality dog collars and leashes!

Jen Magee

SBDC Owner and Designer