Australian Kangaroo Leather Braided Leads Collars

Kangaroo Braiding

Looking for a super strong leash or collar? Our line of braided Australian kangaroo leather leads and collars are handmade with the softest kangaroo leather. We hand-bevel, split, and condition the leather which makes each piece buttery soft and smooth. Each end is back braided and closed with a hand-tied knot for looks and security - your leash will never unravel!

Each piece is handmade to order. So, depending on the dog and activity, you can choose 4, 6, or 8 plait, leather colors, beads and decorative knot work. We are adding handmade artisan beads all the time and some are very limited. To see the current bead selection, visit our FaceBook page.  Our versatile snap/tag collars and obedience/conformation leads made from kangaroo leather are a must have for your active dog.

All Kangaroo Leads and Collars are Custom Orders - Contact us at sexybeastdogcollars(at) for pricing and customization for 4, 6 and 8 plait leads. Below are just a sample of some of our beautiful leads and collars.

***We have a 6 month wait for kangaroo braiding at this time. Please send us a message or an email to reserve a spot in the queue. Thank you.***

collars.jpg snap-tag-kanagroo-collars.jpg kangroo-braided-slip-lead.jpg
mark-m2.jpg kangraoo-braid-show-lead.jpg kangroo-braided-leash.jpg
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