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Got Fi?  We've got your collar!  Our Biothane Fi Collar Bands are outfitted with the original Fi end pieces to make swapping your tracker out a snap.  Your collar will arrive with the end pieces secured in place - you'll just need to pop your Fi unit in and go.  No more ragged-looking, stinky nylon - Biothane can take just about anything your pup gets into - and still look pretty sweet at the end of every adventure. 

We offer 2 types of mounts:  

Bracket Mount:  We designed a special bracket mount that places the Fi unit on top of a sturdy collar so that no pressure is exerted on the tracker itself, or on the end pieces.  This helps to prevent unexpected and dangerous separation of the GPS tracker and the collar.  Simply flex the collar body back for charging - there is no need to disconnect the Fi from the collar. It's safe to use this type of collar with a leash if you'd like.

In-Line Mount: The in-line mount is a standard mount just like the nylon Fi band - the tracker is connected "in-line" with the collar.  We don't recommend using this mount for leash-walking, but it's great for a lighter weight option hold your Fi in place.  

Each collar in our Biothane Fi Collection is available in a rainbow of colors - so mix and match and have some fun!

Here's a helpful link that demonstrates the "how-to" of swapping out your Fi unit.

To purchase a Fi GPS Tracker, click here.