Biothane Adventure Lead


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Biothane Adventure Lead
Biothane Adventure Lead

The perfect lead for all your urban and wilderness adventures! This multi-functional 3/4" wide leash is 7' long from end to end, has a snap on each end, and can be configured to the following 7 specifications:


1.) Regular leash with handle when a snap end is hooked to the closest fixed D-ring.

2.) When a snap end is clipped to the floating O ring, it forms a slip lead with collar piece of adjustable size.

3.) When one snap end is connected to the furthest fixed D-ring, the lead becomes a 3.5' urban leash - or for whatever situation more control is needed.

4.) Hands-free option for walking, running, roller-blading, etc. - **IF YOUR WAIST AREA IS GREATER THAN 34", PLEASE CONTACT US SO THAT WE CAN ADJUST ACCORDINGLY**

5.) Post tether - can be attached to a stationary object as a tether - **WE DO NOT RECOMMEND EVER TETHERING YOUR DOG, BUT THIS OPTION IS AVAILABLE SHOULD YOU SEE FIT TO USE IT**

6.) Double-walker - attach the lead to 2 dogs in tandem as a coupler.

7.) Double Back-Up lead - attach 1 snap end to a collar, and one to a harness or control collar.


This lead can be solid in color, or sport up to 3 different colors - your choice! Handcrafted from Beta Biothane, our Adventure Lead is the ultimate solution to all your needs!



Biothane Adventure Lead
Biothane Adventure Lead

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